SY1032 Keypad Prepaid Energy Meter

SY1032 Keypad Prepaid Energy Meter

Model No.︰SY1032


Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 22 / pc

Minimum Order︰100 pc

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Product Description


       Single-phase  Electricity Meter   is a new type of electricity meter having the prepayment function. The user can purchases energy from the vending network by getting the serial number ( named as “ TOKEN”), which could be enterred via keypad to load the pre-purchased energy. The TOKEN contains 20 digits which are encrypted. Because the activity of recharging is realized by keypad, this meter is named as “ Keypad Meter”.  This meter is equipped with infrared communication port, double metering sensors, double control switchs, real time clock uints, and other auxiliaries.


        The data transmissions protocol of SY1032 complies with IEC62055-41 and IEC62056-21. All the specifications and performance index comply with IEC62053-21 regulations to Class 1.0 Static Meters for Active Energy.


Functions and Features:

Active energy measurement;

◆ Adopt 20- digit token as data transmission media, you can purchase energy before consumption;

◆ Double loop measurement both on neutral and phase lines,

◆ Accumulate the total energy with unit of 0.01 kWh

◆ Display the real-time current and voltage

◆ LCD display with backlight;

◆ Low energy alarm to remind you to purchase energy

◆ Double relays to control the neutral and phase circuits

◆ Infrared communication for data transmission and parameter settings

◆ Events record functions (including cover opening event, tamper event and power failure event, etc.)

◆ Ground line connection design

◆ Anti-tampering features (including opening terminal cover, short circuited, current injection, reverse wiring, magnetic disturbance, etc.)



Rated voltage


Rated current




Accuracy class


Meter constant


Power consumption

< 5.0VA,2W

Life time


Working temperature range

-25 degree - +55 degree


Pricing︰ USD22

Payment Details︰ TT, LC

Min Order︰ 100 pcs

Ship Date︰ 20days after deposit

Standard Met︰ IEC62055-41, IEC62056-21, IEC62053-21

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