Single Phase Multi-rate Static Electricity Meter

Single Phase Multi-rate Static Electricity Meter

Model No.︰SY1035


Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

SY1035 series Single Phase Multi-tariff Static Electricity Meter adopts the ASIC and SCM technology. It conforms to IEC61036-2000. It is characterized with small start current and large overload times.

Functions and Features︰ 1. Adopt ADE7755 measurement chip.
2. High accuracy class.
3. Large overload times.
4. Can sum up the absolute value of positive and negative energy
5. Record power energy of this month, last month, and the month before last.
6. Can set 2 (or more) tariffs on each day, 8 time intervals, Min. interval is 1 minute. Current tariff is indicated by LED.
7. Large LCD display. Double counters are optional, the upper and below are Total register and Off-peak register.
8. Can record the time & date of last programming, original Total and original Off-peak.
9. Infrared interface for programming and reading. According to user's requirement, we can expand RS485 port and passive second pulse exportation port.
10. RS485 has expanded functions: register freeze, time & date of last power cut and recovery, accumulated time of power cut.
11. Can be read in case of power cut (displaying in case of power cut).


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