Single Phase prepaid Electrical Meter

Single Phase prepaid Electrical Meter

Model No.︰SY1032


Country of Origin︰China

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Application︰ Type SY1032 series single phase electronic prepayment watt-hour meter is a kind of new-style meter which purchase electricity by IC card and adopt micro-electronics techniques. It is used for measuring rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz single phase AC active energy electric power consumption and realize using electric power after prepaying and realize user load control function. It is a kind of idea product for reforming using electricity system and realizing electric energy commoditization and effectively control and adjust electricity net load. Its technique performance is completely conformed to National Standard GB/T17215-1998 and international standard IEC61036.

Functions and Features︰ 1. Data memorizer of not easy to lost, after power cut down, data preserved forever.
2. The direction of electric power can be distinguished automatically, can measure unidirectional energy power, and has function of anti-stealing electricity.
3. May select many kinds of IC card, have IC card with code and data against false .
4. May select 6 digits LED display or 7 digits LCD display.
5. May select payment controls by kWh type or money type.
6. For management system software, or may select net version.

Technical Parameters:︰ Accuracy: Class 1, Class 2
Rated voltage: 220V
Rated current: 2.5(10)A, 5(20)A, 5(30)A, 10(40)A, 10(50)A, 20(80)A, 20(100)A
Starting Current: 0.4%Ib, 0.5%Ib
Insulation Performance: AC voltage 2kV for 1 minute, Impulse voltage 6kV


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