Household Remote Centralized Reading Sub-system

Household Remote Centralized Reading Sub-system

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Product Description

Household remote centralized reading sub-system derives from the Power Consumption Locale Service & management System to apply in the remote centralized reading of household. It derives from the main system so it can cooperate well with the main system, but focuses on the household remote reading. It combines with the "Data collector" and "Low-voltage carrier wave module" to form a perfect communication network of remote reading of household.

Functions and Features︰ Household remote centralized reading sub-system has the functions as following:
1. Remote reading, one terminal unit can connect 255 meters or data collectors through RS485, every data collector can connect 20 household meters through RS485 or low-voltage carrier wave.
2. Management of line power waste.
3. Analysis of line power waste.
4. Analysis of household district network waste.
5. Management of electricity pre-purchase.
6. Voltage quality checking.
For the salability, security and efficiency of the functions, the system adopts the design and the accessorial function modules as following:
1. System adopts CSS or BSS structure.
2. Provide COM+, CORBA data interface.
3. Optional formation of chart and report.
4. Hardware management.
5. Terminal unit management.
6. Channel management.
7. Management of user's access.
8. Web customer terminal process.