Key Customer Management & Service Sub-system

Key Customer Management & Service Sub-system

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Product Description

Key customer management & service sub-system is the first sub-system we developed. It focuses on the remote reading, alarming of abnormal consumption, better customer service and load control & management. The terminal unit of key customer system is designed according to the national standard and clients' requirements. With the application of advanced GSM/GPRS networks communication technology and 32 RISC CPU, compared with the traditional load management terminal unit, it is characterized with wide cover, stable operation, practical, powerful functions. It can be customized to choice the GSM or GPRS.

Functions and Features︰ Key customer management & service sub-system have the functions as following:
1. Remote reading
2. Alarming of abnormal power consumption
3. Improvement of customer service
4. Management of network power waste
5. Load control & management
6. Quality checking of electric energy

For the salability, security and efficiency of the functions, the system adopts the design and the accessorial function module as following:
1. System adopts CSS or BSS structure
2. Provide COM+, CORBA data interface
3. Optional formation of chart and report
4. Hardware management
5. Terminal unit management
6. Channel management
7. Management of user's access
8. Web customer terminal process