Portable Test Bench for Single Phase Energy Meter

Portable Test Bench for Single Phase Energy Meter

Model No.︰SY2100


Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

    The new SY2100 series Portable electricity meter test equipment, designed from new digital Wave compound technology and according to International Standard, is newly intelligent equipment for energy meters. The equipment includes voltage/current source & standard meter, operated easily through front panel to preset directly all data of meter under test and test process.

Functions and Features︰

●     Anthropomorphize design, Large size LCD display, easy operation

●     High stability, good reliability. Reasonable internal structure

●     Compliance with IEC736.ISO9001 certificate

●     Automatic switchover of voltage or current output to protect equipment when voltage circuit short or current circuit open and alarm display on LCD

●     Voltage/current output soft start/stop

●     Auto test
●     Report data store & transfer to PC

Technical Parameters:︰

●     Accuracy of test equipment:      Class 0.2 ,0.3

●     Accuracy of energy standard:   Class 0.1 ,0.2

●     Output Voltage:                          220V

        Regulative range:                        0--120% adjustable

        Minimum adjustable step:            0.01%

●     Output Current range:                From 0-50A(60)A / 0-20A

        Regulative range:                        0--120% adjustable

        Minimum adjustable step:            0.01%

        Current load point:                      5%, 10%, 20%, 50%, 100%, 200%, 400%

●     Output  frequency:                     45 .0—65.0Hz  0.01HZ adjustable

●     Output U/I phase:                      0 – 359.9°     0.1° adjustable

●     Test point:                                   0.5(c),0.8(c), 1.0, 0.5(L),0.8(L)

●     Output power stabilization:       <0.1%(3 minutes) pf=1.0

●     Output Wave distortion degree:     <0.5%

●     Output voltage circuit capacity:      30VA

●     Output current circuit capacity:      40VA

●     Photoelectric sensor is automatic to receive the black index zone of meters (without regulation). 

●     Power supply:  180~240V, AC 45~65Hz, maximum input power:200VA

●     Working ambient

               Temp. Range:                        25oC ± 5oC

               Humidity Range:                    <85% RH

●     Dimension:  480×360×140mm

●     Weight:  15kg


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