Close Link Three Phase Energy Meter Test Bench

Close Link Three Phase Energy Meter Test Bench

Model No.︰SY8320E


Country of Origin︰China

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Functions and Features︰

●     The bench accord with the standard of "IEC 60736:1982 testing equipment for electrical energy meter", "IEC 62053"

●     Close-link and ordinary calibration both can be used, ordinary calibration can be used to test single/three phase active and reactive energy meter (up to 0.5 class),close-link calibration can be used to test single/three phase active and reactive energy meter (up to 1 class)

●     The bench can test the converted quantity which is caused by negative phase, voltage unbalance, harmonic wave and so on

●     The bench can auto-calibrate starting, no load, basic error and calibration tolerance and 24h deflection.

●     Close-link calibration is using insulate current transformer and suitable for close-link energy meter.

●     The bench is using the standard power meter with comparison technology to offer the test the error of energy meters.

●     The bench is using the error processor system to calculate the error of each energy meter by the sub-error system which can be connected by the internal RS485.

●     The same specification but different constant energy meter can be tested at one time.

●     For the installed pick-up equipment, can offer 3 ranges adjustment. It is also can be accepted the signal for both round-style energy meter and digital LED energy meter.

●     The bench can choose to operate by keyboard or PC which is very convenient. The working status of bench can be seen very clear and easy operation.

●     The bench is using the testing software complied with WINDOWS98/2000/XP which can auto-testing different energy meters.

●     The software can realize the data from energy meter for statistics, search and management. It also can connect with on-line management for up load the data

●     The energy meter hanging rack is made by Aluminum compound. The whole device configuration is a reasonable design and nice outfit.

Technical Parameters:︰

1.      Accuracy class: 0.2 class (close-link calibration, the range of current: 0.25A-100A)
                                    0.05/0.1 class (ordinary calibration)
2.      Standard power testing equipment:
              Three phase multi-functions precision power reference meter
              Accuracy class:0.05/0.1 class
3.      Isolated current transformer equipment:
              Insulate current inductance
              Accuracy class: 0.1 (PF=0.5C-1-0.5L, 0.25-100A)
              Primary current: 3x0.25-100A secondary current: 3x0.25-100A
              Output power: 30VA (MAX, 100A)
4.      Output voltage: 3x57.7/100/220/380V; range: 0-120%    
              Fine adjustment: 0.01%
5.      Output current: 3×0.1-100A
              Fine adjustment: 0.0001A (min)
6.      Range of phase: 0-360' fine adjustment: 0.1'
7.      Frequency: 45Hz-65Hz; fine adjustment: 0.01Hz
8.      Waveform distortion coefficient: voltage/ current < 0.5%
9.      Output stability of voltage, current, power: <0.05% (180S)
10.    Output capacity (each phase): current: 900VA (120A), voltage: 300VA (8 meters)
              Load: capacitance, resistance, inductance (<=4uF)
11.    Harmonic wave output:
              2-21 sub-harmonic wave             contents<=40%
              3, 5, 7 sub-harmonic wave coupling,   total content<=40%
              Phase angle control (odd sub-harmonic wave)
              Wave group control (sub-harmonic wave)
12.    Starting current output: 1mA (min), accuracy: 5%, starting power: accuracy 5%
13.    Numbers of calibrated energy meter: 8 (16 on requested)
14.    Testing function: Basic error test; no load test; starting test; calibration tolerance test; harmonic test
15.    Input power: 3x220V/380V (Y) +- 10%, 50Hz; max. Power consumption: 1800VA (8 meters)
16.    Dimension:
Type of bench
Number of row
2400×850×1650 mm
2400×850×1920 mm
2400×600×1650 mm
2400×600×1920 mm
Console: 600×800×1920 mm


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