Semi-automatic Single Phase Close Link kWh Meter Test Bench

Semi-automatic Single Phase Close Link kWh Meter Test Bench

Model No.︰SY8120

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Product Description

   The SY8120 new series semi-automatic single phase energy meter test board, designed according to International Standard, is newly developed ideal measuring equipment for energy meters. The equipment can be operated easily through test board button to preset directly all data of meter under test and test process.

Functions and Features︰

  • Reasonable design, nice appearance, easy operation
  • High stability, good reliability, strong output power
  • In compliance with IEC736.ISO9001 certificate
  • Automatic switchover of voltage or current output to protect equipment when voltage circuit short or current circuit open and alarm by red indicator
  • With standard RS232C interface and management software
  • Simultaneous test of more than 3 to 48 energy meters
  • Test Report can be stored and has the function of query and print

Technical Parameters:︰

  • Accuracy of test equipment:             Class 0.2, 0.3
  • Acc. of energy standard:                  0.1, 0.2
  • Voltage range:                                 0~242V
  • Minimum adjustable step:                0.1V
  • Output Current range:                     From 0.15A to 100A
    Minimum adjustable step:                0.1A
  • Output  frequency:                          50Hz + 2Hz      0.01Hz  adjustable
  • Output U/I phase:                           -90', - 0', - 90'    0.1'   adjustable
  • Test point:                                       0.5(c), 0.8(c), 1.0, 0.5(L), 0.8(L)
  • Output power stabilization:             <0.2% (3 minutes)  PF=1.0
  • Output Wave distortion degree:      <2 %
  • Output voltage circuit capacity:       30VA / per position
  • Output current circuit capacity:        40VA / per position
  • Error indication: simultaneously calibrate from 3 up to 48 meters and display independently, error indicative ±19.99%
  • Metering :                                        Accuracy <0.5% of full scale
  • Photoelectric sensor is automatic to receive the black index zone of meters (without regulation). 
  • Power supply:                                 3x220V /380V + 10%      50Hz
  • Working ambient:
    Temp. Range :                                 25'C + 5'C
    Humidity Range:                              < 85% RH: