Gas Meter Synthetical Test Bench

Gas Meter Synthetical Test Bench

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The test of the error of the rate of flow:
Using the gas flow standard device (in the shape of the bell prover) as our standard equipment, we can figure the standard volume of the tested gas by using the high-precision revolving encoder to measure the descending displacement of the bell prover. We can figure the indicated volume of the gas meter by using the reed switch in the shape of the photoelectric switch to collect the deferent pulse at the meter tip of the gas meter. We can figure the indicated error of the gas meter by comparing the volume of the testing requirements of the dynamic law of the bell prover in “The testing rules of the film type gas meters” JJG577-94.
The test of the pressure loss:
We can put a high-precision sensor which can test the difference of the pressure at the in-and-out gas opening of the gas meter, and collect the instantaneous value of the difference of the pressure at the in-and-out gas opening with high speed, so that we can know the pressure loss of the gas meter correctly.

Functions and Features︰ 1. It has the functions self-calibration system, including volume calibration and flow-rate calibration and leakage test.
2. It has the gas meter testing functions of press loss test and flow-rate error test.
3. The meter test process and the meter-testing item can be drawing up flexibly according to the customers’ request.
4. Pre-establish the data entrance of the system error. It allows customers to modify the system error data.
5. The production factory of the basic meter can adjust the gear form according to the error, after error test, it will export the adjusted gear.
6. It has the function of data store, refers, and prints.

Structure and Features:︰ 1. The shape is like a cupboard, the frame is aluminum, and the working board is stainless steel.
2. The six meter-positions can be clamped by the air pumping at the same time, it leaves much room for the installation of the meter in advance, and it deploys spacers that can be adjusted continuously.
3. Through the switch that be used to choose the direction of the flow, it is convenient to switch the flowing direction of the tested air-stream, and the meter on the left and the one on the right can be tested.
4. The photoelectric switch and the reed switch be deployed, the mechanical meter and the intelligent meter can be tested.
5. The testing gas route uses the specially made gas-controlling valve, the gas-proof feature is reliable, and it is convenient for maintenance.
6. The sampling position of the photoelectric switch can go up and down automatically, and the position be adjusted continuously.

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