Water Meter Test Bench

Water Meter Test Bench

Model No.︰LS-4B

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Structure and Features:︰ The water meter test bench is made up the platform, clamps, back and front pipe, flow counter group, standard measuring instrument and the outlet valve.
When the inlet is connected with the stable water source, the water will get to the standard measuring instrument through the straight pipe. Compare the value of the checked water meter with that of the standard measuring instrument, the valve error that the water meter reads will be acquired.

Technical Parameters:︰ 1. Checking gadget precision: ± 0.2%;
2. Water meter diameter : φ15、φ20、φ25、φ40、φ50;
3. Testable water meter indicators: For overall performance test (for the production)
4. Instant flow indication: glass rotor flow counter, the actual accuracy should be no lower than 2.5%;
5. Measuring instrument volume:
15-25mm, (10L+10L) 20L, (50L+50L) 100L;
15-50mm, (10L+10L) 20L, (100L+200L) 300L;
6. Working Pressure: 0.25-0.4MPa;
7. Clamp flexibility: 15-25mm checking gadget: 500mm, 15-50mm checking gadget: 60mm