PLCC (Power Line Carrier Communication) Module

PLCC (Power Line Carrier Communication) Module

Model No.︰SY1300


Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 7 / pc

Minimum Order︰1000 pc

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Product Description


SONGYANG’s User-side power line carrier communication modules are commonly applied in Auto Meter Reading systems. Applications reveal that SONGYANG power line carrier systems have a strong anti-noise ability and a relatively stable communication ability. 

SONGYANG carrier communication system adopts the feature of periodic impedance conversion of power line (50/60Hz) and utilize 3.3ms differential time about the voltage come to zero to communicate. It also makes full use of a voltage cycle. At that period of time, the user-side power grids has outstanding characteristics as high and stable impedance and low noise. Therefore, it has a comparative long distant communication ability and high time-varying stability. And it can make full use of a voltage cycle when three-phase simultaneously communicate which can save more time than single-phase communication that only uses 1/3 communication time. 

It applies the latest single DSP chip and use high-speed AD to finfish sampling function of spread spectrum communication. Besides, it also applies Wavelet Transform to eliminate noise component which increases the receiving sensitivity. Newly adopted 600/1200Bps transmission rate uses zero time-slot while uses the newest registration model to precise the position of symbol signal under noisy conditions. 

The relay process is independent, i.e. to divide one Power Supplying District into three, so that the relay method is simple, stable and reliable. Special carrier MAC layer carrier communication protocol, relay transmission is independent from application layer. It can intercepts host node, father node, child node and brother node, and locate the positions of them, to form a Relay routing algorithm and stable routing fabric. Precise meter phase identification abilitybeneficial for statistical analysis for power supply company. Function of new meter automatic logon, solve the  problem of leakage of meter reading.

Independent collector control commandi.e. it has the same routing algorithm with common meter readingbut it can make the routing get the information inside the collector which can fully use the same physical channel to optimize the routing.



Module power supply: 12VDC + 1V, 0.2W

Carrier communication rate: 330bps\1000bps\1500bps

Serial communication rate: 1200bps\2400bps\4800bps\9600bps, self adaptive

Interface type: TTL level RXD serial interface, TXD

Working environment: 220V 50/60Hz or low voltage DC

Communication distance: 1500m (specific communication distance as the application environment)

Power line carrier frequency: 270.47kHz, range 270.47kHz +15kHz

Modulation and demodulation mode: BFSK/DBPSK

Pass EMC testing

Working temperature: -45 0C to +80 0C