Field Testing Instrument for Three Phase kilowatt Hour Meter

Field Testing Instrument for Three Phase kilowatt Hour Meter

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Product Description

The field-testing instrument SY3006 is made by using the newest international digital electron technical skill. it use DSP, the Digital Signal processor, as the axis to install this intelligent comprehensive automation field-testing instrument, this comes with a portable computer, operation menu suggestion. This instrument is simultaneously able to measure the value of single or 3 phase parameters as voltage, current, frequency, energy, power factor and etc. In the field, it can test the various type of energy meter, and it also can analyze harmonic and judge wiring connection. The results can be saved for a long term. The SY3006 can communicate with computer by RS-232 port, and save the measuring results into another computer disk. This instrument is having the features of high accuracy, good stability, small volume, easy to carry on and simple to operate; which is the perfect field testing equipment for energy measuring department and comprehensive automation test.

Functions and Features︰ ● Accuracy class: 0.1 (0.05)
● Frequency range: 45Hz - 65Hz
● Input Voltage: 10V - 450V
● Input Current: Terminal input: 0 - 5A (1A)
Clamp type meter input: 0 - 5A or 0 - 800A
● Measuring accuracy:
Voltage: 0.1%, 0.05%
Current: 0.1%, 0.05% (Terminal input), 0.5% (Clamp type meter input)
Watt/Var: 0.1%, 0.05% (Terminal input), 0.5% (Clamp type meter input)
Watt/Var: 0.1%, 0.05% (Terminal input), 0.5% (Clamp type meter input)
Power Factor: 0.1% (PF 0.5 - 1)
Frequency: 0.05%
● The movement display on Vector diagram : It can have the movement display on vector diagram and measuring and displaying the phase voltage.
● Wiring : Differentiate the wiring under the three phase three wire system, positive/negative phase, and 48 kinds of basic wiring connection
● Harmonic analysis: It can analyze the harmonic (up to 63 times) and test the distortion.
Also, it can have the movement display for real wave form on random parameters which is under the testing. It has the feature of oscilloscope.
● Input Current : Clamp type meter input, 1A Terminal input, and 5A Terminal input.
● Data : It can save 50 pieces information of energy meter in local facility
● Power supply : AC/DC 80~265V, It can automatic cut if voltage overstep limit
● Communication port : RS232, It can online test with communicate compute.
● Volume : 280x225x155 (mm)
● Weight : 3 kg