Field Calibrator of Three Phase Energy Meter

Field Calibrator of Three Phase Energy Meter

Model No.︰SY3640


Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Application︰ SY3640 three phase energy meter field calibrator is a high precious three phase energy reference meter; it uses the advanced technology and latest electronic components available in the world, and use high speed DSP as the main processor to ensure the accuracy and long time stability.

SY3640 three phase energy meter field calibrator is used to calibrate three phase, single phase, active or reactive energy meter under work, and also it can be used as voltage, current and power meter to measure AC parameter of three phase power line.

Functions and Features︰ 1. 6.4', 640×480×16(color) dot TFT color LCD, English interface.

2. Measure Voltage\ current\ frequency\ phase angle\power factor\ active power\ reactive power\error of meter.

3. Able to test the single phase meter\3 phase 3 wire meter\3 phase 4 wire meter for both active and reactive at site.

4. Appearance power of 3 phase 3 wire or 3 phase 4 wire.

5. Display vector diagram in order to facilitate wire-checking, with auto connection recognition software. Able to recognize various connection circuit of 3phase 3wire (48 kinds of wrong connection) or 3phase 4 wire (96 kinds of wrong connection) either via CT or direct testing, report the result of connection recognition and the coefficient of deviation.

6. Display wave shape for every phase at real time.

7. Measure harmonic content and waveform distortion from 2nd to 51st.

8. Base wave analysis: measure total power/energy (include base wave and harmonic), also can measure power/energy of base wave only.

9. Able to test two meters at the same time or test active and reactive energy of one meter.

10. Able to measure low voltage CT ratio error\angle error directly.

11. Able to read the data of energy meter complying with DL645 protocol.

12. Build-in FLASH ROM, can save 1000 pieces information of energy meter in local facility.

13. Able to upload testing results to administration software.

14. Dial testing: able to calculate energy within period of start and stop.

15. Voltage loss testing for secondary of PT.

16. Load testing of PT and CT.

17. Integration error of low voltage system, including energy meter and CT.

Technical Parameters:︰ 1. Accuracy: Class 0.05 (direct), Class 0.2 (clamp)

2. Frequency range: 45Hz - 70Hz

3. Input Voltage: 60V - 480V

4. Input Current: Terminal input: 0 - 5A (1A)
Clamp type meter input: 0 - 5A or 0 - 500A (100A, 200A, 1000A are optional)

5. Measuring accuracy:
Voltage: 0.05%
Current: 0.05% (Terminal input), 0.2% (Clamp CT input)
Watt/kWh: 0.05% (Terminal input), 0.2% (Clamp CT input)
Var/kVarh: 0.05% (Terminal input), 0.2% (Clamp CT input)
Phase angle: + 0.05°(0-359.99°)
Frequency: + 0.01Hz

6. Pulse output
Output pulse constant(r/kWh)is settable from 1~999999.

7. Pulse input
Meter pulse constant(r/kWh)is settable from 1~99999.
Test coil(or pulse)is settable from 1~99999.
Max. pulse frequency is 25kHz.

Payment Details︰ L/C, T/T

Min Order︰ 1 set

Ship Date︰ 25 days

Standard Met︰ IEC standard